Learn to Make Your Site Accessible in a New Training from FFW

Learn to Make Your Site Accessible in a New Training from FFW

Leigh Anderson
Thought byLeigh Anderson
November 20, 2017
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Does your digital platform support web users with specific needs? An accessibility audit will help you ensure that your organization is serving every user equally— regardless of different levels of physical or mental ability that those users may have.

There are quite a few social and business drivers for having a fully accessible website, and an accessibility audit will help you understand the many ways that your business can improve. Join us for a training on December 13, “Accessibility Audit Strategies to Ensure Continuous Compliance,” to learn how to ensure that your site meets even the most rigorous accessibility standards.

In this class you'll learn:

  • The social and business drivers behind accessibility
  • Measurement tools, resources and strategies
  • Technical best practice and oversight
  • Content creation practices and workflows

Even if you think you’re fully accessibility compliant, we strongly recommend that you join us in this free online training. You can register here, or contact us if you’d like our digital experts to look at your site and ensure that it’s fully accessibility compliant.