Prepare for Digital Marketing in 2018

Prepare for Digital Marketing in 2018

Leigh Anderson
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December 27, 2017
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2018 is going to bring some big changes to the world of marketing. New technologies such as AR are emerging to change the way we interact with brands, while new laws and systems are coming into place to guide how organizations can interact with their audiences.

There are two major changes coming to digital marketing in 2018, regardless of which technologies you use to reach your audiences. Those changes are the rise of personalization and the onset of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation. FFW is here to help you prepare for both content personalization and GDPR so that your organization can shine in the new year.

Personalization: Content, content everywhere

In 2018, businesses that excel in personalization will outsell those that don’t by 20%. Personalization will help you make meaningful connections with each of the many visitors to your site by offering a carefully-tailored experience no matter the device.

Content personalization accounts for numerous factors, including what devices (or emergent technologies) your site is being accessed on, where in the buying journey your visitors are, any specific interests or needs that your visitors indicate on visiting the site, and more. Content personalization uses marketing automation to offer a truly customized experience to each user — so if you don’t have a content personalization engine on your site yet, it’s time to get started with one.

To learn more about getting started with personalization, download our eBook or watch our webinar to get clear advice on what changes you can make today to implement personalization right away.

GDPR: Is your data secure?

There’s been a lot of talk around some new legislation that’s coming up in the European Union. The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a new law that governs how the data of European citizens must be handled, regardless of the nationality of the organization that is handling the data. This is going to be a massive change for digital marketing in 2018, and one that organizations need to be prepared for.

GDPR lays out very specific guidelines for the acquisition, management, and use of data tied to any citizen of the EU, and noncompliance can mean large fines up to € 4 million — even if your company isn’t based in the EU. To learn about GDPR and how you can begin preparing, watch our recent webinar with Acquia. We discuss the law, what it means, and how to begin implementing tools and systems to comply with it.

Get ready for digital marketing in 2018

For help preparing with personalization and GDPR, contact FFW. We're here to help your organization make the most of the new year, and shine through the years after that.