What is journey orchestration?

What is journey orchestration?

Leigh Anderson
Thought byLeigh Anderson
August 27, 2018
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At FFW, we talk about journey orchestration as “the next step up” from personalization. Content personalization occurs primarily on your website and email channels, whereas journey orchestration spans a much wider variety of touchpoints. A journey orchestration platform will unite your website with your social media, your email and outbound marketing, your CRM, offline channels like kiosks, call centers, direct mail, and so-on.
Using a personalization platform, marketers can target content to segments of users based on a variety of personalization criteria or visitor contexts, such as their current click path, details about past site downloads, their physical location, the type of device they’re using, or any preferences they’ve explicitly indicated. In this way, content can be personalized even for anonymous visitors or customers who are not signed in.
When you’re taking stock of your current digital marketing initiatives, a good rule of thumb is:

  • If you aren’t yet ready to implement a data-driven personalization strategy, you can start today by deploying a personalization platform to collect data. Once you have a solid foundation, you and your agency advisors can begin constructing a plan for real-time personalization.
  • If you’re already running personalization initiatives across numerous channels, and you’re testing and improving your campaigns based on the data, implementing a journey orchestration platform is an excellent next step for your organization.

Content personalization or journey orchestration - which step is right for your business?

If you're trying to determine whether your organization needs to focus on content personalization, or whether you're ready to upgrade to a journey orchestration platform, download our new eBook: Real-Time Personalization & Journey Orchestration - What’s the Difference?

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