Why F.C. Copenhagen switched to Drupal 8

Why F.C. Copenhagen switched to Drupal 8

Leigh Anderson
Thought byLeigh Anderson
May 09, 2018
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F.C. Copenhagen, the Danish football champions and the largest football club in Scandinavia, recently made the switch to Drupal 8. The club wanted to offer its fans a better, more immersive experience, so it contacted FFW for help.

See how F.C. Copenhagen designed a better mobile experience, built an in-demand e-ticketing solution, and dropped their bounce rate with a new Drupal site from FFW.

Within the limits given in the football world, we have got a new platform that can do everything we want right now. And it’s a great feeling to have. It is a balance between what we can, are able to and must and the experience we want our fans to have with F.C. Copenhagen. Casper Heiselberg, Head of Digital, F.C. Copenhagen

F.C. Copenhagen was committed to creating a digital platform that set new limits to the digital expansion of the F.C. Copenhagen brand and for the interaction with its fans.

The key was to find a solution that would allow F.C. Copenhagen to fulfill the role of a modern football club, which serves the needs of fans, sponsors, and other stakeholders. This required a strategy for the digital user experience based on understanding what makes a good football club site to the users and what makes a great working tool for F.C. Copenhagen content editors.

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