Marketing or IT: Who will get the most out of Drupal 8?

Marketing or IT: Who will get the most out of Drupal 8?

Drupal 8 Marketing or IT
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Thought byErin Nelson
November 24, 2015

With the arrival of Drupal 8, organizations all around the world are talking about what they can do to improve their current Drupal websites. Meanwhile, others are asking whether now is the time to build a new Drupal site in D8. For us, now was the right time, and we were excited to work with Drupal 8. FFW built our website in the upgraded version, and you can read more about our experience.

Drupal 8 brings many new advantages to all different departments within an organization, and FFW has set out to answer some of the more daunting questions thrown around conference rooms and lunchtime meetings: who will get the most out of Drupal 8, Marketing, or IT? And how will this affect our organizations?

FFW has the answer in the form of a webinar brought to you by D8 experts Ray Saltini and Yuri Gerasimov. They’ll answer the questions we’ve all had on our minds since the announcement of D8: how will the face of marketing change with the introduction of Drupal 8? And how can IT managers build a cohesive and functional team using this new platform? 

Marketing teams will learn how D8 is a mobile-first CMS that drives a faster time-to-market. D8 has easier multilingual features, better omnichannel platforms, and easier authoring for content managers. Join us to learn about the power of this new CMS platform with the flexibility of a custom solution.

IT teams will learn how Drupal 8 has pioneered a new modern development approach. We’ll teach you how to follow D8 best practices, why you should use D8 instead of starting from scratch with Symfony, and how to speed up development practices. 

Our experts will also block off time during the webinar to answer your questions. Join in the discussion and listen to concerns from other professionals who are also evaluating the impact that Drupal 8 will have on their organizations.

How rare is it that an agency provides a webinar with valuable information that serves both your marketing and IT departments? You don’t want to miss this one. If your organization is considering using Drupal 8 for a new project or upgrading an existing site, check out this webinar on Thursday, December 3rd at 3pm ET. Be sure to register in advance, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.


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