New Year’s Reflections and Resolutions: Ben Finklea of Volacci

New Year’s Reflections and Resolutions: Ben Finklea of Volacci

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April 07, 2014

This is the first in our series of blog posts bringing you the New Year’s reflections and resolutions of thought leaders and influencers from the Drupal space. Stay tuned for more over the next couple of weeks!

For our first Drupal resolutions interview, we asked Volacci CEO Ben Finklea what stood out for him in 2013, and what he looks forward to in 2014. Here’s what he had to say!

What was your most exciting accomplishment or new learning in 2013?

Working with Azri Solutions to integrate Automatr with Drupal. We've tied marketing data into Tokens, Webforms, and now Rules so that you can do really cool things like real-time personalization for anonymous website visitors and dramatically increasing conversion rates with pre-populated forms. It's been amazing to see this idea finally come to fruition.

What is your top professional resolution for 2014?

To build and maintain a top-performing Volacci Automatr success team. Although our SEO services are stronger than ever, we are expanding our offering into marketing software for Drupal. Automatr is our platform and I would love to see us reach a tipping point in the Drupal community. Our vision is to be the single best source for software, services, training, and information for Drupal marketers.

What is your top resolution for your work with the Drupal community in 2014?

I want to be a great partner for our Drupal shops. Automatr extends the toolset that devs can use when building Drupal sites - we just need to document it and get it into the hands of people who need it. I'm very excited about our recent partnership with FFW. As an early adopter of Automatr, I'm looking forward to working with you guys to make great things happen!

Ben Finklea is the CEO of Volacci. He is a thought leader and trail blazer in the Drupal Digital Marketing landscape. He literally wrote the book on Drupal SEO and created the Drupal SEO Checklist module which has been downloaded over 225,000 times by Drupal sites worldwide. As an internationally-known consultant, speaker, and trainer on topics related to Digital Marketing, Drupal, and building successful high-tech businesses, Ben’s dynamic and engaging style appeals to audiences of all technical levels.

Note from Amy: What’s your resolution for 2014? In our completely unbiased opinion, you should think about adding some Drupal site building skills to your repertoire. Coincidentally, we’ve got a Site Building in Drupal 7 class coming up in February AND, we've got a bunch of ways you can save on the registration. (Neat how that works out, eh?)

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