Pick Drupal to Build Robust Enterprise Websites

Pick Drupal to Build Robust Enterprise Websites

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October 13, 2010

The Drupal content management system (CMS) is the leader in enterprise deployment of Open Source, CMS software. Among the top reasons driving this rapid adoption are: low cost, rapid innovation, well structured and documented code base, integral semantic web capabilities, and vetted security. Well-known, global groups employ Drupal, such as AOL, Yahoo!, Sony/BMI Music, Time-Warner Music, Whitehouse.gov, and the United Nations.

The result of all the advantages and benefits is:

  • A CMS market that approaches $10B
  • Growing deployment across enterprises and large organizations
  • Powerful functionality for complex sites
  • Vertical solutions with existing, off-the-shelf functionality
  • Competent development shops and partner services firms
  • Granularity of user permissions for security and rigorous workflow
  • Performance and scalability for anonymous and registered users
  • Usability and theming flexibility to please and engage web visitors

Drupal enables an enterprise to easily publish, manage, and organize a compelling variety of multimedia content on a website. Open-source, Drupal core software can be extended with added functionality from free, add-on modules that power features such as electronic commerce, community-building, multi-user blogs and forums, collaborative authoring environments, workflow processes, and more. Open-source Drupal is low risk for implementation, even as compared with commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) software, which is proprietary and makes you dependent on that vendor's existence, development path, and resources. Drupal core software and these community-contributed, free modules are developed and maintained by thousands of developers. The Drupal community drives constant innovation and improvement.

Although very many Content Management Systems exist, both open source and proprietary, Drupal excels as base code on which to build your custom requirements; incorporates key future technologies, like the semantic web; and creates the best search engine optimization, SEO-friendly content.

Drupal is the high-functionality, low risk, high-performance choice on which to build a rich web experience.

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