How to Fail at Web Personalization

The ability to connect your business to your audiences lives and dies by the success in personalizing their experience. Gartner surveyed 2,500 consumers to conclude that more than half will unsubscribe from a company’s communications and 38% will stop doing business with a company entirely if they find personalization efforts to be “creepy” - a sure-fire way to fail at personalization.

Stop the madness, and carve a path to success by ensuring your personalization efforts deliver meaningful content, delivered at the right time and place. In this webinar, we FFW teamed up with Acquia to describe some not-so-obvious personalization pitfalls, and key ways to avoid them. 

Watch this webinar to find out how to:

  • Assess your web traffic to create pinpoint personas
  • Create exceptional customer experiences with serialized content
  • Personalize your content across channels by persona
  • Design personalization programs for digital inclusion

Download the Webinar: