Panasonic: Serving Diverse Business Needs With One Drupal Platform

Panasonic: Serving Diverse Business Needs With One Drupal Platform

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What do you do when you have more than a dozen seemingly unique business units — each spinning up their own microsites using different and disparate technologies — to meet their business models and customer segments?

Webinar | FFW Helps Panasonic NA Streamline With Drupal 8

In this recorded webinar we discuss some of the business challenges Panasonic North America faced with its previous platforms, and share how Panasonic worked with us to streamline their digital efforts with Drupal 8 and an API-first approach.

FFW Panasonic webinar

Our Work With Panasonic North America

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Platform Built For Longevity, Fundamentally Improving Efficiency, Stability, and User Experience

Partnering for Digital Success 

  • Took a fragmented ecosystem (with a mixed technology stack) and molded it into a pragmatic future-ready solution.
  • API-first, decoupled Drupal platform.
  • A variety of integrations, including Mulesoft and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Our work with Panasonic helped us realize the full potential of Drupal’s integration-readiness.  We developed advanced integrations between Panasonic’s proprietary product database, the Drupal website, and a variety of exotic services for support, sales, and marketing automation.  The system supports thousands of unique products, and tens-of-thousands of unique records.


Take a complex and fragmented digital ecosystem (with a mixed technology stack), as well as varying branding compliance needs, and mold them into a pragmatic future-ready solution.


An API-first, decoupled Drupal platform for a painless evolution, driven by business needs. Paired with a modular and flexible design system for the creation of rich content without development effort.


  • Vastly improved consistency and stability of user experience across markets. 
  • A platform built for longevity, which has been adopted by new business units.
  • Ongoing Analytics and Measurement RUN has yielded hyper-focused areas of improvement.