Propeople and Blink Reaction Come Together to Form FFW, a New Global Digital Agency

Propeople and Blink Reaction Come Together to Form FFW, a New Global Digital Agency

May 11, 2015

Propeople and Blink Reaction announced today the launch of FFW, a digital agency built on technology, driven by data, and focused on user experience. FFW is part of the Intellecta Group (listed on the NASDAQ OMX), and brings together the Intellecta-owned Blink Reaction and Propeople under a new unified brand. The new company consists of 420 employees, working across 11 countries in 19 offices worldwide.

The FFW brand reflects the new company’s values, goals, and strengths, including its unique position in the digital agency marketplace as recognized technology experts that also excel in digital strategy and creative work. FFW’s full digital offering to the market includes  services across insights, strategy, creative, technology, and optimization. The company’s portfolio includes some of world’s largest brands, such as General Electric, Pfizer, Stanford University, the City of Copenhagen, and many more.

With a combined track record of over 1,000 technical solutions successfully delivered since the year 2000, the agencies that have come together to form FFW represent one of the industry’s most capable technical teams. With 420 employees and a strong commitment to the Drupal CMS, FFW is the largest Drupal agency in the world. This includes the Drupal industry’s largest creative team, comprised of 40 user experience, design, and branding specialists. FFW has also worked with a variety of other platforms, including Sitecore, Wordpress, Android, and iOS.

FFW is is led by Michael Drejer, who has served as Propeople’s Global CEO since that agency’s founding 15 years ago. Commenting on FFW's launch, Drejer said: “FFW has an opportunity to fill a gap that currently exists in the agency market. Our competitors are either focused on technology or on strategy and creativity, neither working to fully understand the other side. FFW is the agency that fills this gap, providing our clients with expertise in all areas.”

Nancy Stango, founder of Blink Reaction, will become part of FFW’s Global Management Team. Stango adds, “Our combined experience and track record in open source technology, data and UX is unique. Our vision is not just thought leadership, it’s results leadership - helping our clients move toward real digital transformation faster, smarter and more creatively than ever before.”

“I am very excited about the launch of this new global brand”, says Yann Blandy, President and CEO of the Intellecta Group. “The fact that we can unite all our digital offerings within Open Source/Drupal under one common brand makes our offering stronger and more clear.”

About FFW

FFW is a digital agency built on technology, driven by data, and focused on user experience.

The world’s largest brands have relied on us for 15 years to build accessible, creative and user-friendly digital solutions that deliver results. More than 400 of our friends from work are doing what they love every day at our 19 offices around the globe.

FFW is part of the Intellecta Group. The companies in the group are Bysted AB,Hilanders ABIntellecta Corporate ABISBIT GAMES AB, Rewir AB, River Cresco ABUnreel AB, and Wow Events AB.

Intellecta AB is noted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and employs around 550 people in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Brazil, USA, Vietnam and China.