Warner Classics & Erato Releases New FFW-Built Platform

Warner Classics & Erato Releases New FFW-Built Platform

Warner Classics & Erato Releases New FFW-Built Platform

Display of Warner Classics site on ipad and iphone
July 31, 2019

[HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY, July 31, 2019] - Warner Classics & Erato has launched a new music browsing and streaming experience at warnerclassics.com. The website, which was crafted by FFW, features a custom-built streaming player that works with subscription music streaming services including Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify.

The new warnerclassics.com was built for classical music lovers who choose to listen to music streamed through the internet, and allows any visitor to the site to sample thirty seconds of music from each of the thousands of tracks in the site's database. Additionally, the site also adjusts to the visitor's location and offers localized content and instant access to national and regional online retailers and digital music platforms.

Markus Petersen, SVP Global Operations & Business Development, Warner Classics & Erato, says: “We’re entering a new era for Warner Classics as our repertoire really starts to reap the benefits of digital distribution. One of our prime objectives is to provide ready and enjoyable access to new and recent releases of today’s finest classical artists as well as to Warner Classics’ magnificent catalogue.”

“We’re fortunate to serve a loyal community of music-lovers who are so passionate about the various genres of classical music and supportive of their favourite artists. We’re also looking forward to welcoming people who are less familiar with classical music and taking them on a journey of discovery,” stated Peterson.

The new Warner Classics & Erato platform offers an engaging, user-focused experience. An enhanced search engine adapts to individual users’ knowledge and needs, and localization features offer users access retailers and digital music platforms in their immediate vicinity.

“The work we’ve done for Warner Classics & Erato is a hallmark example of the technological feats the FFW team are capable of achieving with Drupal,” said Jon Gunne, Managing Director of FFW UK. “We’ve combined Warner Classics & Erato’s clean, user-focused design with deep integrations to provide a truly one-of-a-kind browsing and streaming experience. We’ve worked hard to make sure that Warner Classics & Erato’s audiences can listen to music on their preferred streaming service of choice, and have created a platform that will allow visitors to connect more deeply with the composers they love.”


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