Blue Water Shipping

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Blue Water Shipping

Vastly improved intranet built on Sitecore helped users access systems around the world easily and efficiently.

Services Provided:

An improved intranet for Blue Water Shipping helped users access systems around the world easily and efficiently. Crafted by FFW™.

Blue Water Shipping offers transport solutions by road, rail, sea or air through many offices across the world. The company offers a wide range of additional services to complete the customer's supply chain, including customized integrated IT solutions.

As Blue Water Shipping continued to expand, the company implemented a corporate Sitecore intranet to help their employees across the world communicate more efficiently. But, the intranet lacked certain features the company needed to reach their offices around the world, and they turned to FFW for help. The site needed to be the primary source of communication for Blue Water Shipping’s locations, so stability, accessibility, flexibility, and scalability were all key for this project.

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Rapid Development Using Sitecore

FFW built a new site architecture and implemented the technical solution using Sitecore, working closely with Blue Water Shipping’s design team. We used an enterprise intranet base as a foundation for the solution, allowing us to move quickly and efficiently. We developed the site, implementing several third party applications to create smooth intranet experience. We introduced Sitecore best practices to optimize the code and implement continuous integration, ensuring the site would function to the best of its ability and last as long as possible. 

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Single sign-on (SSO) ensured the site was stable and protected, simplifying the login process. Custom functionality helped FFW identify Blue Water Shipping’s needs and customize a solution right for them. After the site launched, FFW provided training and support for Blue Water Shipping’s staff.

Intuitive and Accessible for All Users

Now, Blue Water Shipping has access to a wide range of standard intranet features that work together with the user-friendly design of the intranet. FFW’s integrations work with Sitecore to make Blue Water Shipping’s intranet experience as intuitive as possible. Users can login with SSO and access their systems on PC workstations and the Citrix terminal server clients, allowing for mobile accessibility. The entire company is now able to access these systems, which was a key goal from the beginning of the project. Sitecore’s powerful architecture combined with FFW’s codebase allowed us to meet Blue Water Shipping’s needs for scalability, flexibility, and adaptation to the company’s needs efficiently and quickly. Our team was able to use Sitecore to deliver a solution that spans across multiple countries and servers to enhance user experience in departments around the world.

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