Services Provided:

An updated system integrated with Sitecore helped Healthspan better target customers on their website. Crafted by FFW™.

Healthspan is a UK mail-order supplier of vitamins, minerals and health supplements. The company has a webshop that receives over 5,000 orders per day, and they needed a strong Sitecore solution to help ease the process of online purchasing.

We chose to use FFW because of their extensive Sitecore knowledge and solutions. The speed of work, quality of code, and delivery of results is second to none. I would happily and wholeheartedly recommend FFW as a ‘best in class’ Sitecore solution provider. Justin Gale, Healthspan Ltd.

Personalized Integration

Healthspan was using old customer and order databases that weren’t properly integrated with Sitecore, and the company needed an updated system that was capable of integrating correctly. They also wanted to restructure critical parts of their website to make their search capabilities more intuitive for both content managers and users. Healthspan wanted a new system that combined with Sitecore’s personalization options. Their goal was to better target customers on their website, so it was important that FFW could work with Sitecore to begin a mobile solution as well.

Sprint Forward

We worked with Healthspan to develop a plan for several two week sprints. Our team worked closely with Healthspan during these sprints, rewriting large portions of Healthspan’s codebase to meet their needs for integration and personalization. Our solution was detailed and complex, due to Healthspan’s already existing code. We set up personalization options in Sitecore to gain better access to customer and order data and made it possible to switch between search providers and technologies invisible to the rest of the solution. FFW integrated third party applications like Solr search for a robust search system, responsive implementation to ensure users had a great experience on any device, and Commerce, an online payment system. In the final sprint, FFW began work on Healthspan’s mobile solution.

Healthspan websiteHealthspan mobile

Meeting Deadlines and Exceeding Expectations

FFW met all of our deadlines with Healthspan and delivered databases integrated with Sitecore on time. Healthspan was able to have more functional site earlier with the support of FFW. Our team sped up the process of improving difficult parts of the solution and added extra team members needed to complete side projects, like Healthspan’s mobile solution. Our team completed much of the refactoring due to the complexity of the project, and with the extra people FFW provided for this project, Healthspan was able to have a fully functional site in a much shorter period of time.