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Supporting millions of viewers from the Big Game on one microsite

A one-week build achieved with Drupal and Acquia Site Studio

This being Hologic’s first B2C campaign, they required as much time as possible to focus on the creative elements, meaning less time allocated to building the site. We prioritized ideas that aligned their existing functionality with their design system, along with functionality within Acquia Site Studio to make this possible. This helped us jumpstart the development for specific features while we further defined features for potential new functionality as we continued iterations. New features were prioritized based on the impact it would provide Hologic and their site visitors, along with how easily and quickly the features could be implemented. 

We were able to fast track this site build to a week, allowing full focus on the creative side for the remaining few weeks available. This was made possible by leveraging tools like preconfigured design system helpers, Acquia Site Studio elements and components. 

Existing Site Studio configurations empowered FFW and Hologic to implement the campaign within one week using:

  • Preconfigured Design System Helpers
  • Site Studio Elements and Components
    • Layouts
    • Modals
    • Accordions
  • Video Components
    • Background Videos
    • Modal Videos


Using an accordion component to speak to a variety of audiences

This site needed to be useful for the vast audience seen at the Big Game. It was intended to not only educate a variety of women on the importance of their well-woman exam,  but their loved ones as well. We leveraged an accordion component on the page that provides information for women in different age groups and what kind of testing should be done, so women and their families visiting the page could drill down to info that’s most important or relevant to them. The beauty of using the component library inside Site Studio was the speed we were able to build functionality like this.

Scaling for massive traffic spikes

Driving millions of people to a single microsite can result in the site crashing if not done correctly. One thing we needed to prioritize was having the right data tracking in place. The Drupal CMS platform combined with Acquia Site Studio allowed us to reliably scale those massive traffic surges.

Jenifer Snow

Senior Digital Strategy & Design

The collaboration between Hologic and FFW to evolve our corporate site has been so successful that our digital marketing teams around the world want to hop on board and leverage our progress. I can't think of a stronger endorsement.


Hologic’s most successful and impactful campaign of all time

Hologic’s campaign success was apparent in a number of ways:

  • Halo effect resulting in increased traffic across the entire Hologic corporate site
  • Nearly 15% conversion rate across all KPIs
    • 11% of users visited the page multiple times
  • Significant increase in search traffic 
    • Search terms including  “Hologic” have increased 80% since the ad’s debut on 2/13
  • 260,000 visits to Hologic.com and screeningsforher.com in one month 
  • 1.2 million impressions across all social content with a 6.58% engagement rate. 
    • National average is 4.59%


Partnership: The glue that made it stick

The campaign microsite isn’t the most technologically complex project we’ve done, but it's one that we’re the most proud of due to the amazing impact it’s driving. The mutual respect and trust between different agencies, Hologic, FFW, and our partners allowed us to meet such a high-stakes and unmoveable deadline, creating a solid and reliable platform to support Hologic’s mission.

Increase in search term traffic
Impressions across social
Conversion rate across KPIs

Our work with Hologic continues to grow

The Big Game campaign generated incredible results, and our partnerships with Hologic didn’t halt after that ad aired. We’ve continued  working on multiple projects to expand and refine the Hologic platform, including: 

  • Hologic Global Women's Health Index audit, continuous development and redesign launch for the World Economic Forum Conference: https://hologic.womenshealthindex.com/en.
  • Hologic Global Hub development to architect a solution that enables content sharing and language translation across a regional hub structure. 
  • Ongoing support and optimization for Hologic.com to maintain and enhance the corporate platform.


Learn more about our partnership with Acquia