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Dagrofa is one of Denmark's largest retail chains and employs 19,000 people across 580 stores and businesses nationwide. Their primary customers include fast-food restaurants, cafes, and other food vendors. Meny, a supermarket chain owned by Dagrofa, puts great emphasis on quality, where food is put above everything else. But Meny's digital platform wasn't measuring up.

Services Provided:

A new website helped Dagrofa S. Wholesaler debut their new brand, Meny, and introduce a platform where food was at the heart of the user experience. Crafted by FFW™.

Dagrofa knew it needed to expand digital initiatives like loyalty programs, recipes, and shopping lists to make MENY a part of its customers' daily routine. The brand worked with FFW to expand the digital touch points that would make it easier for MENY’s customers to shop and cook in their busy lives.

New Website Delivered in Only Two Months

Dagrofa’s existing supermarket, Superbest, was in the process of a rebranding under the new name, Meny. Meny was in need of a new website and a unique design created by our team. FFW had only two months to build a website that reflected Meny’s new brand and displayed everything from recipes and product information to wine clubs and local stores. Meny was also interested in expanding their customer club, so the new website had to allow online signups and display Meny’s products in an engaging and user-friendly way.

Dagrofa wanted MENY to have a strong digital platform that would inspire their customers in the supermarket and in their homes. In addition to creating value for their customers, Dagrofa wanted Meny’s brand to expand the digital business opportunities while leading customers to associate MENY with fresh produce, quality, and food pleasure.

To help MENY to convey the right values to customers, FFW took a holistic approach towards creating a platform that would allow MENY to effortlessly manage all their customers’ digital experiences. The process was initiated by a workshop where MENY and FFW's strategists, UXs, and designers uncovered the user journey and thus the needs of users. Based on specific data about MENY's users, FFW developed a strategy and formed the basis of the creative concept behind the brand.

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Unique Design

FFW migrated Meny’s data from Superbest over to a new Drupal platform and then immediately began creating a new design and building a new site architecture. The new website includes several new features, such as recipes, shops with a customized page for each Meny store, food commodities, and Meny’s brochure. FFW created a design that highlights photos of food and displays products vibrantly. Our design is inspired by the aesthetic of cookbooks and uses storytelling to emphasize that the focus of the site is on food and experience. Each page is themed with unique designs and custom layouts that improve the user experience and invite Meny’s audience to explore the website.

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Building a Digital Supermarket

MENY’s new platform was designed to maximize their brand identity across an interlinked website, an app, and a customer club. On the website and in the app, users can access recipes, product information, information about wine clubs and local stores. All in all, in one coherent, engaging and user-friendly solution.

MENY also used personalization to increase the value of their customer club. Through a login to a personal MENY profile, users can access discount schemes and personally tailored offers. Instead of the traditional customer club card, users can register their credit cards on the page and then use that as their customer club card in the stores. This lets them automatically receive a discount on the personal offers without having to carry around extra cards in their wallet.

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Successful Launch Expands Meny’s Brand

FFW’s fast working developers delivered a complex project in only two months, meeting Meny’s deadline. After launch, site visitors surged, with Meny's site now serving an average of  200% more visitors than its predecessor,

Meny's new platform displays a strong brand and individual stores have their own customized website displaying products, location, and content. Our Drupal solution allows for Meny to have the flexibility to create unique sites for individual stores that are customized to fit each location but still align with Meny’s branding. Meny’s new site looks great on any device, which helps them reach their growing mobile audience. After this project was completed, Meny recruited FFW to build mobile apps and design Meny’s digital presence, establishing a long-term relationship. Our successful launch of Meny’s new brand shifted the focus of the project from merely debuting a new website to a much deeper goal: giving each user a personalized experience.

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