Nordisk Film Cinemas

Nordisk Film Cinemas

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A new digital platform and mobile app helped the world’s oldest continuously active film company reach more users on more devices. Purchases, rewards, and on-the-go functionality brought the experience of the big screen to devices of all sizes. Crafted by FFW™.


Nordisk Film Cinemas is the oldest continuously active film company in the world. The Denmark-based cinema chain aims to equip all their cinemas with the best and most modern technology. Nordisk Film Cinemas needed a visually appealing platform that would recreate the experience of going to the movies on computer screens and small mobile devices.

Just Like the Movies

Going to the movies is an inherently visual experience, so when Nordisk Film Cinemas approached FFW with the task of building a digital presence, we aspired to capture that experience while keeping our designs responsive and secure. A website and an app were developed to recreate the experience of going to the movies on a variety of devices.

The new platform needed to be secure and cost-effective. Nordisk wanted to ease the process of purchasing tickets online, and pull in data about movies, show times, and more. An important requirement of the project was giving users the ability to create accounts and gain loyalty points for completing different actions. This includes watching movies, writing reviews and more. The points needed to be applied so that users could claim free tickets and other discounts.

NFBio AppNordisk Film Cinemas

Cost-effective, Iterative Testing

We had to understand all the potential uses of the platform before building it, so we mapped out customer flows to get an idea for what screens we would need, and how to structure the user experience. We drew out user flows for the many different actions on the site, including reserving tickets, printing tickets, subscribing to news, and more. These flows were used to structure a clear and intuitive user experience that is designed to increase user engagement.

We worked with Nordisk Film throughout our process by creating several prototypes for every page of the site and app, testing the product in a cost-effective manner, and fixing issues quickly before moving on. We repeated this process until we achieved the “big screen feeling” Nordisk Film wanted out of their new platform.

NFBio App


The new solution has several features, such as easy online ticket purchasing, managing user profiles, and inviting friends to the movies. The platform imports movie data from a Danish cinema portal, offers secure ticket-purchasing, and allows users to accumulate rewards points for performing various tasks or interactions on the platform.

The app can display tickets on mobile devices at any time, eliminating the need for waiting in line or printouts. Users can purchase tickets well in advance of the movie, alleviating the worry of the film selling out, and our newly-implemented loyalty programs encourage repeat customers. Users can also enter their locations to find showtimes near them. Now, users can interact with Nordisk Film Cinemas’ offerings in both a visually-pleasing and user friendly way.