Randstad: Overcoming Challenge of Disparate Data Silos, Resulting in Operational and Customer Success

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Randstad is a global human resource agency that offers flexible personnel services for companies in many different industries. Randstad's German branch was operating on an outdated CMS that was making it difficult to achieve their business goals. Randstad wanted a platform that would better match qualified job applicants to employers. As part of this initiative, the platform would need to be integrated with a number of siloed systems to unify the data, and offer an optimized management experience for the Randstad team. 

Because of the need for sophisticated integrations and customized searching, the Randstad team decided to switch to Drupal. FFW was called in to help develop and optimize the new platform so that Randstad could achieve its business goals of helping employers quickly and painlessly find effective talent.

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Employer and employee matching, simplified

As a massive human resource agency, Randstad needed to quickly source candidates and match them to vacancies with minimal human intervention. A major challenge that the team was facing laid in the fact that applicant, employer, and position data is stored in a variety of different systems, which meant that FFW needed to break down the walls between those silos.

One of the key features of Drupal is its capacity for integration with nearly any system, which allowed the FFW team to craft the new platform to act as an information hub for Randstad. The new Drupal website connects to all of Randstad Germany's disparate databases and uses optimized workflows to automate and simplify job matching. 

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Improved profile creation

To help give employers a better sense of applicants, and to give applicants more control over how they presented themselves, FFW created a solution to allow applicants to login and create a profile where they share relevant information about their professional experience. 

Once applicants have created profiles on the new platform, they can apply online for jobs and submit unsolicited applications to the employers that use Randstad’s platform. Additionally, every applicant is filtered through Randstad’s proprietary Automatic Pre-Match ("APM") system, which better connects employers with job seekers to fill vacancies quickly.

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Improving search and filtering tools

To help companies to more easily identify suitable candidates for open positions, FFW created enhanced search functionality with better filtering tools. Now, employers can filter qualified applicants at a faster rate using the enhanced search tools. Likewise, the new search tools allow job seekers to more easily sort through the large number of available vacancies posted on the site, facilitating connections and making Randstad an excellent resource for employers and talent alike. 

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The new platform’s increased functionality has helped Randstad drive its business goals of quickly and effectively sourcing talent for hiring employers. Because its website is its main method of matching applicants to open positions, Randstad required a stable, scalable, fast, and functional platform, which it has received. The new platform offers Randstad’s customers an expedited time to hire on new positions, and gives the Randstad team better, more granular control of their tools, data, and platform.