Personalization Best Practices

Personalization Best Practices

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In order to remain competitive and to meet the expectations of today's users, many companies have begun to experiment with the enablement of real-time personalization solutions.

Industry leaders agree that personalized content is vital for increasing customer engagement and driving conversions. However, devising a personalization strategy comes with a range of challenges, and best practices for deploying personalization successfully are still emerging.

In this webinar, we walk through a series of best practices for enabling and deploying real-time personalization in your organization. Topics include:

  • Collecting and Connecting Data
  • Identifying and Segmenting Visitors
  • Enriching Content with Structure
  • Tailoring Messaging and Recommending Content
  • Conducting Experiments and Learning As You Go
  • Interpreting Results and Measuring Consistently
  • Security and Privacy Considerations