WomenLift Health Case Study

A platform powering life-changing opportunities to users everywhere in the world

WomenLift Health

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A platform to engage, educate, and empower women around the world

Developing WomenLift Health’s first website was an important challenge, as the platform would serve as a core communications channel. Together, we created a digital platform to elevate the voices and profiles of women, share perspectives from a diverse range of influencers, and educate and reach target stakeholders on a global level,  even in areas with limited bandwidth. We accomplished all this while saving substantial development costs.

A platform allowing WomenLift Health to serve anyone, anywhere.

WomenLift Health needed a website that would enable clear, compelling content to engage, educate, and connect with established and emerging women leaders and male allies in global health. COVID-19 made this platform even more essential, given the inability to conduct meetings and events in person.


A discovery process resulting in major savings without compromising the mission.



WomenLift Health initially asked for a number of robust builds including a portal and registration system. Through a whiteboard session with FFW we were able to guide WomenLift Health to a website that was more appropriate for their current primary needs below, with the ability to expand in the future.


A powerful platform worthy of their mission

A web platform to improve lives and change the world

increase over original partnership goal
over original goal for WomenLift Health event participation

Through our work with WomenLift Health, they were able to exceed their partnership acquisition goal by 20%, increase the number of participants in WomenLift Health events by over 467% of the original goal, and geographic reach continues to broaden; particularly in West Africa and Southeast Asia.

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