Introducing Pushpay, a Static WordPress Platform

Introducing Pushpay, a Static WordPress Platform

Leigh Anderson
Thought byLeigh Anderson
November 05, 2018
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We’ve recently published a new case study, and we hope you’ll check it out! It details some of the work we did for our client Pushpay, which supports an app dedicated to allowing people to more easily make charitable contributions.

When Pushpay came to us, the team was in the process of combining two very distinct sites and brands:, which was the high-tech home of the Pushpay product, and, which was Pushpay’s main marketing platform and was targeted towards American churches. The team was working on an aggressive schedule, and needed to have their new platform up and running within two months, in time for an event.

A thorough discovery and user experience workshop helped FFW and the Pushpay team rapidly iterate on the platform and branding prototypes. Once a design and unified brand had been determined, FFW worked with the Pushpay team to design, develop, and deploy the new platform.

The new platform is an example of a convergence of technologies that make Pushpay an example of best-in-breed technology sites:

  • WordPress allows for simplified content authoring and management
  • A Flynt framework in WordPress enables a component based design for the site
  • Patternlabs handles the theming of each individual block and page
  • Simply Static WordPress plugin allows for the painless generation of static site content, which is then uploaded to an Amazon Web Services server and delivered to the user

To learn more about the solution that we put together for Pushpay, including why we built the team a static site solution, check out the latest case study: