Thank you for a great 2013

Thank you for a great 2013

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Thought byRay Saltini
January 06, 2014

We'd like to say thank you to Drupal and all our clients and supporters for a great year. 2013 was a year of accomplishments for Drupal and a great year for our clients and all of us at FFW . I’m particularly proud of our work to bring Drupal learning to the forefront of our mission with new and existing clients on the journey we call open source. Here are some highlights we thought you’d like to celebrate with us:

  • We launched the FFW Center of Excellence brand extension and delivered training and adoption services to individuals and businesses across the U.S. and in Europe. This is the second year we’ve delivered our special brand of high-touch, high-return training to the domestic and european markets and we’re set to launch 2014 with our first engagement in Asia - hello Beijing!
  • FFW Center of Excellence services have been sought after by start-ups on through to the Fortune top 10 - our training and adoption engagements are built around our deep knowledge and experience building best of breed applications for businesses of every shape and size. Look for our case studies in 2014 about how the Institute’s adoption services are helping businesses get an even stronger return on their open source investments and watch for us at the Start-up Summit in NYC in the spring.
  • We partnered with the Drupal Association to launch Drupal Face to Face to help reach new audiences and introduce audiences to the power of omni channel marketing strategies like Instagram and Drupal - perfect together.Visit
  • As Day Stage sponsor at Drupalcon Portland we helped hundreds of newcomers learn about some of the most exciting new projects on the web. 
  • As Media Sponsors in Portand and Prague we filmed and produced our first Drupal Face to Face documentary shorts to spread the word about Drupalcon to attendees and sponsors. See them at "Drupal Face to Face Prague" and "Drupal Face to Face Portland."
  • Seeing is believing. We believe anyone who uses Drupal should never leave home without a Drupal Association membership - so we made "Why Membership Matters" a video to encourage everyone to join! We also made this video at Drupalcamp NJ about how we help folks with Drupal Adoption 
  • We renewed our Supporting Partner relationship with the Drupal Association because we Drupal is going to continue to change the world in 2014.
  • We went Drupalcamping in NYC, NJ and Washtington DC and we loved it. In addition to renewing those sponsorships for another year we were proud to sponsor Drupal Dev Days in Dublin this year. Dev Days is a great way to support the Drupal project and we’d like to encourage everyone to get involved.
  • We partnered with Educause and Acquia to convened one of the largest online conferences in the higher education space. See our higher education page to learn more about our services and about the Educause Sprint.
  • We released our first eBook, "Building an Effective elearning Experience with Drupal!" Visit and sign up here for more including Delivering a Richer Customer Experience with Drupal Commerce and Building an Outstanding Webform Experience coming out in early 2014.
  • We expanded our offices in NJ and built dedicated training space to support public training in NJ as well as NYC. 
  • We launched our Boston office and a new technology partnership with Paralastic. The partnership is part of our effort to work with great new technologies like Paralastic and Spothero.  Read more about our partnership with Paralastic.
  • We presented on open source and MVP at Mass TLCs Innovation Un-confernence with Helmet Hub CEO Chris Smith, watch our webinar.
  • We launched our first joint class with Drupal Commerce creator Ryan Szrama and we’re already planning more trainings in other markets with our new strategic partner Commerce Guys
  • We had hundreds of newcomers register for our Global Drupal Training Days in New York and wow did we meet some great people! We’ll double our efforts in 2014 with more classes in more markets in the U.S. and in Europe. 
  • We dusted off our pencils (not really) and started sharing more of what we do and how we do it at Blink to help our clients achieve Brilliance Velocity. If you haven’t seen them visit for our recorded webinars and blogs.
  • Finally we’re closing out 2013 with a capacity building initiative that will bring even stronger offerings to more people and organizations in more markets. We’re happy to welcome Program Manager Amy Cham to the Institute. She brings years of experience to the Institute and I know she’ll help our clients get to their goals faster and smarter.

We’ve got so much to look forward to in 2014. Here’s a sneak preview of just some of what we’ve got planned:

  • New Curriculums - Sprint Workshops, PHP and Developing for Drupal with Symfony - we’re honing all our offerings including our new Symfony curriculum so that everyone can take advantage of the advances in Drupal 8 .
  • FFW Center of Excellence Roadshow - watch for us in new markets in every time zone across the U.S. as we add public training and new distribution channels.
  • Online classroom-based instruction - real-time classes with great teachers and classmates at reduced rates - not just stale video.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about open source Drupal and the future. Come see us in February at DrupalCamp NJ. We’re proud to be the Diamond Sponsorship and we hope to meet you and learn about your Drupal adventures. We're also teaching on Friday before the camp.

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