VENN TV | A stable,
high-experience platform for major new programming network launch


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Timing was everything: A stable, high-experience platform launch with zero margin for error

High Stakes Made Higher

The stakes were already high, pivotal first impressions were at stake. Then an opportunity arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people were quarantined and in need of safe entertainment they could enjoy at home, the very kind of entertainment VENN was going to bring to the world.

FFW helped VENN develop a stable website platform they could showcase and house their content and experience. Drupal was the chosen CMS, with a decoupled build leveraging Gatsby for a solution that’s secure, flexible, and lightweight.

VENN had a couple other agency vendors working on the design aspects of the project when FFW joined. We developed a close, collaborative partnership with these vendors during the sprint to launch, leading them all as one unified team committed to making the aggressive deadline for VENN’s launch. Through our joint efforts, the site was ready right on time.


Launching a site to fit the world’s new entertainment record time

Strategic opportunity arising from the pandemic 

With so many quarantining and in need of at-home entertainment, there was an immediate heightened demand for VENN’s programming -- and it needed to happen fast. VENN pivoted their launch strategy so they could go to market a month sooner than the original deadline. 

Tight timeline with a critical launch date

VENN’s website needed to launch within 6-8 weeks, and with so much at stake, it was imperative this deadline was met in time. 

Collaboration needed between multiple agencies

Having multiple vendors on a project can sometimes be a recipe for disaster if they don’t collaborate well together. But FFW has experience in similar types of engagements, ensuring all vendor teams worked cohesively as one unified team to ensure the project’s successful launch. 

The solution

FFW worked extensively on the site’s homepage, the keystone to their digital platform. The VENN team needed to easily control and manage content, so we built all components on the page specifically so VENN could easily move things as they wanted. We utilized various integrations to get their main player up and running and also to help build their playlist.

The site’s scheduling page was another important area of the site that FFW worked on. We created gradients for colors, automatic scrolling, and helped with their “This Week’s and Next Week’s” portion of the site. This was a way to make it easier for customers coming to the site to identify what new shows are available and what shows are playing in real-time, to eliminate confusion and prevent unnecessary scrolling from viewers.

Convenient dashboards tracking extensive viewership data

VENN wanted a clear picture of how their video content was being viewed on their website and beyond. By tapping into a huge amount of incoming data from their native website player as well as other streaming platforms like YouTube, Samsung, Roku and Vizio, we were able to build them several convenient and aesthetically pleasing dashboards to easily break down metrics across the board. Video interaction tracking allowed VENN to connect website activity and viewership data to tell a story about their strongest visitors. The flexibility and ability to filter is key to analysis and understanding of their site and video content performance.



An expectation-exceeding platform worthy of the new network’s vision

Trinity Brocato

SVP Ops & Digital Products, VENN TV

We needed a partner that was nimble enough to meet our aggressive timelines with the infrastructure to support a highly complex product scope. FFW was a great partner fit as they are built to scale to meet the challenges of our ever-evolving product needs.

Month-over-month continued increase in traffic
Google industry benchmarks
Record time build of this high-performance platform
Average time on page

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