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Take Acquia Personalization to new heights

Why is Personalization such a big deal?

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There are over 420 billion variants of human DNA possible today. Yet many still use a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Why? Personalization software isn't turn-key. Its powerful capabilities need to be leveraged as part of a comprehensive strategy to be effective.

Is it worth it? Huge yes, and it's becoming increasingly important with each day. 72% of consumers in 2019 only engage with marketing messages that are customized to their specific interests. Why? (Hint: It's not Millennial self-obsession) It's a product of the sheer amount of communication we're bombarded with every day, and our ability to only respond to the most relevant messages.

So yes, personalization is a big deal. It's the difference between a name plate that actually says your name, and one that just says..."Employee."

Not knowing your audience is not an option

Are you getting all the benefits of Acquia Personalization?

Acquia's powerful personalization tool can unlock enormous opportunities to create a better experience for your audiences, and eliminate much of the guess work from your business development strategy. We've found many Lift users recognized its potential, but ultimately hadn't invested the necessary significant time or had the needed expertise to correctly configure it and capture the full benefit of its promised potential. Below are just a handful of the litany of features Acquia Lift is capable of.

If you are a Acquia Personalization user, and not utilizing or seeing the benefit of any of these features, you're missing out on some very powerful tools which can undoubtedly have an impact on your business.


  • 3-step personalization campaign creation: Easily create and deploy personalizations.
  • Visual builder: Preview the personalizations you create in context, just as your visitor will.
  • Scheduling: Align personalizations to announcements, events, promotions, and product releases, or, for small teams, create and launch personalizations a week, a month, or however far out in advance.

Data & Integrations

  • Unified customer profiles: Capture visitor profile and behavioral data, track their implicit interests across multiple channels, and then merge anonymous and known profiles into a single, dynamic view of each customer.
  • Real-Time Adaptive Segmentation: Define customer segments based on numerous criteria to better understand visitors and target them more effectively.
  • Content syndication: Syndicate content across a network of sites and channels, from any content source, with fewer manual processes and greater operational efficiency.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Centralized dashboard: Track personalization metrics, and review popular campaigns, content, events, or segments, all in one place.
  • Built-in A/B testing: Compare the impact of different content assets within campaigns to ensure the optimal alignment of content and target audience.
  • Powerful analytics engine: Get actionable insight into audiences and personalization objectives through dashboards and reports, both pre-built and custom.

The best laptop in the world won't do your job for you.

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We've seen many companies with high hopes and intentions make significant investments into personalization tools and technology with the expectation they are essentially plug-and-play, only to be greatly disappointed to find out it takes a lot of work to get it performing.

Think of it this way - if you bought a top of the line, powerful new laptop loaded with any and all programs you would ever want, you wouldn't open it up and expect it to start doing your work for you. Rather, this powerful laptop and programs would enable you to be more effective in your job and provide the ability to do things you couldn't before.

What happens when so many organizations encounter this disappointment? Unfortunately, they often either give up on it, or use only a fraction of its features. Either way, not only have they invested significant time and money into something now gathering dust, but the bigger cost is one of missed opportunity and benefit. 

Don't give up! We can help you get a jump on your personalization program and launch a personalization pilot in just 10 days so you can start seeing the benefits of what a fully utilized personalization strategy can be. 

I'm not seeing any of these benefits from my personalization efforts, what do I do now?

Whether you've invested in a great tool like Acquia Lift or any other number of personalization products and aren't seeing an impact, or otherwise not sure what to do, FFW can help. Our team of personalization experts help companies like yours configure and optimize their personalization technology, and more importantly, guide the development of a tailored 5-step personalization strategy unique to your company and its audiences. 

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Download our Road to Personalization Guide below for more information on approaching your personalization strategy. Even better, drop us a line to setup a brief chat with one of our experts, so you can learn more about how FFW can help take your personalization efforts to new heights!

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