LUSH, a British cosmetics company, worked with FFW to build a digital space that would inspire the same loyalty that their physical shops enjoyed all around the globe.

GE Energy Management

GE Energy Management integrates leading products and technology to transmit, distribute, and convert electricity. They have global and local knowledge of a variety of energy-intensive sectors: utility, industrial, renewables, oil and gas, marine, critical power, metals and mining. 

YMCA of Dayton

The YMCA of Dayton, Ohio (Greater Dayton) has been serving their community since 1858. With over ten branches, Greater Dayton is one of the largest mid-size Y’s in the United States, serving over 160,000 children and families.

City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark with an urban population of 1,246,611. Copenhagen has ranked highly in international surveys for its quality of life, educational opportunities, and level of social safety. FFW built a robust intranet to serve the City of Copenhagen’s 45,000+ employees and a public-facing site for citizens of Copenhagen.